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Sogester, SA, has the privilege of providing an wide range of services to their customers, who can consult in this area.

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Importers in Angola, or their Brokers, must apply to Customs Exporter code before their goods arrive. This is, a code assigned by their overseas suppliers. This code is inserted in the form of customs clearance.

To better serve our business partners, the company has a customer service desk at guichet Unique Port of Luanda, will be at work that Guichet services tax, pre-gate service and customer support

Safety has been and will always be present in all activities undertaken by Sogester. One of the company’s main objectives is to increase awareness ara maximum security at all its terminals.


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KIMBO LIOMBEMBWA / It is a non-profit charity ...
13 Setembro, 2016 Comentários fechados em KIMBO LIOMBEMBWA / It is a non-profit charity organization

It is a non-profit charity organization, that is aiming to help children suffering from various ...

In order to facilitate and better target our customers, Sogester provides
a map with all the daily berthing plans, positions and maneuvers.