Sogester SA is a company dedicated to the provision of services at the level of loading, unloading and storage of containers. We are an influential part of the infrastructure that connects the country to a global logistics chain.


Supporting the “sustainable” development of Angola through the provision of logistics and transport infrastructures in international standards.


To be a preferred partner in inter-modal logistics in Angola, combining local and international experience built, on the foundation of excellence and security.


Our five core Values were ingrained into our operations by our founders, the SOGESTER, and have remained guiding principles, governing the development of the SOGESTER for over a decade. In today’s world of rapidly evolving economic and market conditions, the Values remain key to ensuring we grow for the future in a sustainable way.

  • CONSTANT CARE – Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow
  • HUMBLENESS – Listen, learn, share, give space to others
  • UPRIGHTNESS – Our word is our bond
  • OUR EMPLOYEES – The right environment for the right people
  • OUR NAME – The sum of our Values, passionately striving higher